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Body massage – relaxation

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“Massage has played a huge role at all times,
and people had to deliver for a long time
monument to the hands of a massage therapist. “
THEM. Sarkizov-Serazini

Erotic massage is a type of massage that promotes the development of sexuality, as well as enhances sexual function and sensitivity.
In India and China since ancient times, priests have been engaged in erotic massage. Oriental traditions of erotic massage are very ancient, they are older than European, this is due to the development of culture and religion of these countries. The Asian school of such massage is dominant today.
Having sex in the East has always been considered not only a pleasure, but also a very healing procedure. The origins of oriental erotic massage are Kamasutra, Tao of love, Tantra and Yoga. Many elements of erotic massage are taken from these ancient techniques.
Nowadays, people began to analyze the accumulated knowledge and experience, this led to the emergence of world-famous massage schools.
The most famous now is oriental erotic massage Lviv – Thai, it is so familiar to many tourists. Erotic massage is a skillfully composed, beautiful sexual service. Erotic massage is a kind of art and a way to new sexual sensations. Massage is undoubtedly an art. However, we are not talking about its amazing properties, but about the features of erotic massage performed for male clients and female clients.

Erotic massage in the Ecstasy salon

Contraindications to massage

  • skin inflammation;
  • pustular skin lesions;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the nervous system.

Erotic massage for men

массаж для мужчин
It goes without saying that erotic massage in this case is performed by a masseuse. If desired, and also on the basis that erotic massage Kiev is a rather energy-intensive procedure here, the attention of two female masseuses is advisable. In addition to the physiological side of the issue, which determines the participation of parties of the opposite sex, the following also matters: eromassage is a kind of flutter above the upper layer of the epithelium, and the delicate fingers of a masseuse are ideal for this. Let us open the veil of secrecy a bit, and follow the lucky one who visited the Ecstasy erotic massage parlor.

So, a naked man is laid on his stomach by a half-naked (or completely naked) masseuse, whose beauty is easily comparable to the beauty of a nymph, fairy and goddess combined. Light, delicate touches originating from the toes and arms / neck-shoulder girdle become a playful prelude to increasing excitement. Note: a man lying on his stomach does not see, but only mentally represents the body of a masseuse, which is why the excitement only intensifies.

Sensing the growing fervor, the temptress permits her to roll over onto her back. Further, erotic massage involves a series of movements that combine at the same time passes, and versatile vibrations, and light clicks, alternating with stroking. Particularly acute is the process of “accidental” body contact – the girl’s face, chest or hips seem to accidentally cling to the most intimate parts of the man’s body. Increasing the rhythm of touch / stroking / pressing, the masseuse touches every part of the heated body, paying special attention to the main organ of masculinity.
It’s unlikely that you will be able to convey the feelings of a man: here there is complete relaxation, and an incredible force of excitement, and euphoria of permissiveness, and the ability to touch the most secret parts of a flaming girl’s body. The most powerful and brightest orgasm, complete tranquility and an incredible surge of strength – a man who has experienced such a storm of emotions will surely find time to return to the passionate embrace of the sophisticated sorceress.

Erotic massage for women

Эротический массаж для женщинDespite the fact that the participants in the process in this case should seem to swap places, the erotic massage performed by the woman for the woman is valuable precisely because of her bright emotional background. Can one woman hear the needs of the body of another woman? And if the masseuse possesses (which is undoubtedly) practical experience and knowledge of not only massage techniques, but also the functional and psychological characteristics of the female body, the session turns into a delightful mystery – a mix of magical arousal and absolute relaxation.

As in the first case, the masseuse begins to warm up the body from the back and fingertips. However, in front of the massage nymph in this case is a woman, which means that the reaction to stroking, vibration and rubbing by aphrodisiacs will be brighter and faster than in the case of a man. The female body is an almost continuous erogenous zone. The area along the spine, neck and fingers, calves, hips and buttocks respond to touch immediately.

When the lying lady’s excitement builds up, the masseuse helps her roll onto her back. Then something so exciting and seductive-piquant happens that we will not begin to tear the veil over the apogee of bliss. A relaxing massage for a woman is an art that every beautiful lady should feel on her own body.

EROTIC BODY MASSAGE is one of the most ancient and widespread cosmetic procedures, which is carried out both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. General massage has an effect not only pointwise on the skin and subcutaneous fat, but also on the whole body. Thanks to massage, the skin becomes more elastic, its puffiness and sagging are reduced, the pores are narrowed, soft tissues become more elastic, wrinkles and wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is fresh, and it acquires a pleasant velvety texture, increases its tone, which generally means slowing down the skin aging process. Massage improves sleep and improves performance.

Erotic massage – a variety of techniques.

интимный массаж для парняErotic massage can be appreciated today not only at home, but also in modern, professional massage parlors – get complete relaxation, as well as unforgettable, positive impressions of the massage technique in the hands of experienced massage therapists.
Do not think about the massage technique, something obscene and indecent, because, first of all, erotic massage there is a full-fledged and individual massage technique for healing the body, relieving physical and moral stress, massage for the prevention of not only intimate, but also general health conditions in both men and women.

As already mentioned a little earlier, erotic massage Kiev is a technique of individual movements for relaxation, calming, as well as a massage technique for a full and most comfortable relaxation. Basically, erotic massage can be safely divided into two areas of massage techniques: oriental, erotic massage, as well as the more traditional European, erotic massage.

European, erotic massage is more simple and traditional in execution, in contrast to the eastern methods of conducting erotic massage. Erotic oriental massage – is a combination of physical and moral relationship between the master (the person who is doing the massage) and the client, includes elements of Yoga in the technique of conducting erotic massage, at times (depending on the situation and relations between people) elements of the Kama Sutra, as well as ancient Tantric teachings.

боди массаж для парыFor complete relaxation after everyday work days, women, as men can, in principle, visit a massage parlor with the goal of relaxing by trying traditional European erotic massage using massage techniques by an experienced massage therapist. Oriental erotic massage here can be carried out at home, having previously studied all its components and individual elements of conducting – oriental erotic massage is the best suited for people in love, for a deeper knowledge of each other, for stimulation of the genitals, for healing, and also as an intimate variety in personal life, people in love.
The combination of unhurried sensual movements and fantastic emotions is possible only with the help of erotic massage. You will discover that your whole body can become an erogenous zone!

As a result, you get one hundred percent satisfaction – both physical and spiritual! This is actually much more than a sexual experience. Erotic massage here allows you to reveal the boundaries of influence on your physical, and, as a result, on psycho-emotional health. Indeed, it is based on love and sex: a deep emotional and physical attraction.

In our salon of erotic massage in Kiev, a link (salon of erotic massage Kiev), professional masseurs of the fair sex skillfully master a variety of techniques of ero massage. And in combination with aromatic oils that complement the integrity of the sacrament, they are able to bring the partner to the pinnacle of bliss – there is no need for a sexual act or even oral sex!

We have a special sequence of stages for conducting erotic massage.

эротический массаж с двумя девушкамиThe art of erotic massage allows you to achieve extraordinary pleasure, thanks to the powerful effects that tactile receptors can exert on the brain. This is the highest degree of tactile sensations: they allow you to get rid of any tension and give transparency to perception-clairvoyance – this is a well-known orgasm.

The mystery of erotic massage is similar to the magic of romantic relationships – it is aimed at awakening the inner life energy and the desire to change life for the better. It is not in vain that the well-known scriptures told the fact that the most erotic and intimate of the five senses available to us is touch. Touching awakens sensuality, promotes healing and allows you to achieve a state of bliss when all the colors and sounds of the world are infinitely aggravated.

We invite you to personally verify this!

Only for you Erotic Massage Salon provides branded massage, which we perform as a mysterious ritual.

Erotic massage is truly a firework of sensations. Your body attains the bliss of relaxation, and your feelings become aggravated to the limit. Erotic massage here can fully awaken the erotic potential of your body: it makes you forget about everyday worries, it fills you with vital energy and gives you extraordinary pleasure.

Everyone knows that suppressing emotions can aggravate the negative impact of stress and a feeling of personal inner unfulfillment, so you do not need to resist your sincere desires. With the help of the skill of our staff, you will be free from the constraint of secret fantasies, you will be able to realize them and be filled with positive with the help of this amazing art.

Профессиональный эротический массаж – это именно то, что вам необходимо

Мы предлагаем своим клиентам высококачественный эротический массаж по доступной стоимости. Мы приглашаем вас полностью отвлечься от приевшейся будничной суеты. Только посетив нас вы сумеете на небольшой промежуток времени позабыть обо всех повседневных заботах, а также полноценно отдохнуть после насыщенного тяжелого рабочего дня. Посвятите время себе и своему телу, а мы поможем вам обрести гармонию и счастье.
Наши сотрудники, как только вы придёте предложат вам, специально подготовленную и разработанную специалистами программу массажа. Вы сумеете получить как классическую его разновидность, для того, чтобы полностью избавиться от негативного настроения, так и более углубленные виды массажа, благодаря которому исчезнет усталость, а также вы получите высший уровень наслаждения. Сеанс эротического массажа, выполненный нашими девушками сумеет запомнится вам на длительный промежуток времени.
Если эротический массаж Киев, то только у нас.


Киев является крайне эффективным способом полной релаксации – это лучший отдых, а также уникальная возможность наполниться совершенно новыми силами либо просто расслабиться как физически, так как морально. Так как эротик массаж Киев – это не только стандартное механическое воздействие на некоторые участки тела. Главная роль в процессе данного важнейшего способа оздоровления принадлежит именно центральной нервной системе. Кроме внешнего результата, массаж данного вида предоставляет возможность достичь гармонии, а также равновесия основным системам человеческого организма.

Эротический массаж Киев – лучшее только у нас.

Если вы желаете получить эро массаж Киев, в таком случае мы станем самым лучшим вашим решением. Наши привлекательные массажистки, обращают внимание на каждый участок тела, про массажируют каждую мышцу вашего тела, от самых кончиков пальцев ножек и до головы. Мы предлагаем вам не только массаж а и первоклассный эро массаж Киев, а также множество разнообразных направленностей искусства массажа.
Мы станем для Вас тем самым необходимым каждому человеку островком полной умиротворённости, дарящий полный заряд позитивных тенденций энергии. Совершенно незаурядные фантазии и идеи наших профессиональных, а также талантливых девушек помогут вам получить совершенную релаксацию, ощутив через телесный экстаз максимальную гармонию тела с душой. Мы стремимся создать для вас все необходимые условия для идеального отдыха.
Наши девушки имеют индивидуальный подход совершенно к каждому из клиентов. Мы предлагаем вашему вниманию уникальный комплекс всевозможных видов массажной техники. Только здесь, кроме основ стандартного классического, вы сумеете познать разнообразие тактического массажа, явные особенности ароматерапии в грамотном сочетании с частей мануальной терапии.

Мануальный массаж – это ваш лучший выбор

Массаж мануальный – это лучший метод механического, а также рефлекторного воздействия на все ткани, а также органы. Основой массажа являются механические движения. Обильные раздражение производятся, через все окончания нервов, после чего передаются в мозг и в виде ответа способствуют изменениям в различных тканях, а также органах, восстанавливают все нарушенное строение, а также взаимосвязь, деятельность. Массаж мануальный применяется, в качестве самостоятельного метода лечения, а также в профилактических целях.