The power of erotic massage

This type of massage appeared many millennia ago, but even then men noticed the magical properties of erotic massage Kiev on themselves. For example, in India, before the hunting season, women did erotic male massage to hunters, after which they brought prey 2 times more than usual.
In China, erotic massage has become famous as a healing massage. It was the Chinese who proved that erotic massage relieves stress, internal clamps and even helps fight depression. It was in this country that a type of erotic massage was opened for couples.
With the Ancient Greeks, everything is much more interesting, before the start of the big battles, the soldiers had to take an erotic massage course, they were sure that their victories depended directly on him. The Greeks have repeatedly talked about a surge of masculine strength in their bodies after a massage.
In Japan, erotic massage inspired spiritually. After the session, many said that they saw the universe within themselves, that their mind was very far away, and certainly not in this world. The Japanese pacified from erotic massage.
And now we are returning from the past to the present, where can a modern man get all this magical power, also in Kiev, a city full of traffic, dust and sirens of cars? Erotic massage parlor Ecstasy is the only magical place where magic has remained from the past. Having crossed only the threshold, you will feel on yourself all those emotions that our predecessors felt.
In the salon of erotic massage Ecstasy, which is located in Kiev, that magical technique that only real Geisha know is preserved. Having come to Ecstasy you will experience all the skill of their skillful hands and charm on yourself. Having come to us you will find a place where you can be yourself, where you can not be shy about your fantasies and thoughts.
The body massage session takes place in a cozy and romantic atmosphere, the sweet smells of cinnamon and natural aphrodisiacs fly in the air. The massage place resembles a corner of paradise, having visited it once you want to come back here again. The sweet and well-groomed appearance of our Geishas will help you relax in an unfamiliar environment, and a gentle and warm cocktail shower will position your emotions on the right note.
Massage is performed on natural massage oil, which has both a warming and cooling effect. Natural apricot kernel oil has a calming effect and has a light unobtrusive aroma. Grape seed oil has a tonic effect. Shea butter massage oil gives the skin a velvety feel. The task of the oil is to activate your erogenous zones, which will make erotic massage more sensual for you.
Essential oils are used of the highest quality, so the smells of spicy aphrodisiacs do not irritate, but rather help to mentally relax, and the body is toned, Cinnamon essential oil stimulates blood flow to vital organs. Ylang-ylang oil carries the smell of relaxation and euphoria, which favorably affects the functioning of the brain. The smell of geranium gives physical and internal strength. But bergamot essential oil will cheer you up.
The art of erotic massage consists in mastering a variety of techniques, this is a deep study of muscles, light kneading movements, as well as gentle stroking. During a massage session, a Geisha pays attention to every centimeter of your body: Earlobes, fingers and toes, neck, inner thighs, all 360 degrees of your body are doomed to heavenly touch and relaxation.
The power of erotic massage is in the hands of our charming Geishas, ​​their energy is so saturated with sexuality and positive that they are ready to share this with you. You will feel how each melody of sadness and negativity will leave your body after touching the wonderful hand of a Geisha. You will receive not only pleasure, but also spiritual healing and a full influx of strength to every cell of your body.
Therefore, if you are tired of the problems of the modern world, and your body and soul want to relax and plunge into the tsunami of the most vivid sensations. Then the salon of erotic massage Ecstasy is waiting for you. We are the only erotic massage salon in Kiev that practices techniques of a thousand years ago.
The benefits of erotic massage in our Ecstasy salon
– Attentive attitude to our guests. A masseuse will always take an interest in your mood, well-being and find out about your preferences.
– Erotic massage is performed only on natural and high-quality massage oil
– The atmosphere of the salon of erotic massage Ecstasy promotes complete relaxation, both spiritual and physical. All thanks to the dim light, the spicy smells of aromatic oils and the modern interior.
– We guarantee complete confidentiality.