Body massage – relaxation

Hello, today we will discuss the topic of relaxation during a session of erotic body massage.
– What types of relaxation are.
– If relaxation has not occurred, the norm or deviation.
– The number of relaxation in one session of erotic body massage
And let us tell you the secret of how to make the moment of relaxation more vivid and exciting.
What is relaxation and relaxation is a decrease in muscle tone. It is believed that relaxation helps relieve mental stress, it is widely used in meditation, and other types of relaxation.
What is the essence of relaxation during an erotic massage? During a massage, a geisha stimulates biologically active points, thus relieving muscle tension and blocks the negative effect on a man’s body condition. Thus, all the stress accumulates and at the moment of relaxation it all comes out. Leaving you one positive and a charge of only positive energy. The greater the tension, the more difficult it is to complete an erotic massage session with relaxation.
No relaxation rate or deviation? Look, when in your body there are a lot of muscle clamps, the body is constrained, and cannot independently throw off all this load. A geisha whose hands for you in this situation are a medicine help you and your body to remove all the clamps. But sometimes it is so strong that a session of 30-60 minutes may simply not be enough. In such situations, it is recommended to extend the erotic massage Kiev session for another half hour, during which you should completely relax, forget about the problems of the modern world, free your mind and catch the feelings of the geisha’s touch. Only complete relaxation and inner peace will help your body get rid of the negative. Therefore, the absence of a moment of relaxation at the end of erotic massage is considered the norm. What can affect the quality of relaxation. Firstly, it is the quality of life and most importantly, it is psychological constraint. Remember in our Ecstasy erotic massage salon, you can completely relax and not think about anything other than enjoyment.
There is another side to relaxation during massage. There are times when a moment of relaxation during an erotic massage happens more than once. How is this possible? After all, directly Geisha relieves all the stress exactly at the end of the session. These cases are proof that the more relaxation the more productive the relaxation. Free yourself from extraneous thoughts, empty your mind, soul, body … Feel how you are floating somewhere above it … It is the right technique of relaxation and meditation that will help you experience relaxation without direct touch. The record number of relaxations without touching per hour session of body massage was 2 times. The man set himself up correctly and got high in double and in the end in triple size. Therefore, dear men .. The right attitude is enchanting relaxation.
Now I will help you prepare for a session of erotic massage. We already talked about the psychological mood, I hope you remember or wrote down everything. Now let’s talk about external factors that will help you achieve a bright and exciting moment of relaxation. Ice – ice cubes gliding along your erogenous zones, the vascular network will do its job narrowing, after which wax or a sparing heated object in the same areas is immediately used, the vascular network expands again, a contrast appears between the states of the vessels, which in turn leads to increased relaxation. Nutrition by scientists has proved that proteins have a very productive effect on the male reproductive system, on the biological processes occurring in it. If you want to reinforce this moment .. go to our Geisha who have a whole list of different additions.
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Question. writes Oleg Ivanovich.
I would like to thank your entire team for such useful information that helped my wife and me to restore warm relations.
Oleg Ivanovich, thank you with the girls with all my heart. We are glad to see you again with my wife in our salon.

Question. Anonymous writes.
Have you been practicing massage for couples for how long? and what techniques do you use?
Good afternoon, yes we have special massage programs for couples. You can read about our techniques in the “articles” section.
Recall the highest quality massage oils and materials for the provision of erotic massage services. Hypoallergenic cosmetics are an advantage for our salon. We also have special stimulating oils for a bright and unforgettable relaxation. You can learn about them from our masseuses, they will help you choose exactly your oil.
Erotic massage salon Ecstasy, this is the little island of peace and tranquility, this is the blue lagoon among the stone jungle of Kiev. Call to sign up, do not hesitate, if not now then when? You are able to change your life here and now … Feel the paradise on yourself. The only body massage salon in Kiev that practices reinforcing relaxation techniques .. don’t miss the moment .. come
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