Erotic massage

Nowadays, everyone is accustomed to perceive erotic massage as a massage to satisfy men’s physical needs. But few people looked deeper. And deeper – the true healing of the soul and body.
Let’s look at what is Erotic massage, and what are the techniques of Erotic massage.
Erotic massage is a type of massage that is aimed at the center of male forces, it restores male energy, improves the quality of potency, and frees the body from negative stores.

Erotic massage techniques

– Thai. This technique appeared in the 17th century. Its advantages over other techniques are to direct the energy of the soul from the lower extremities up to the head. Geisha Thai erotic massage is performed in special gloves made of silk, because silk is a conductor of sensual and strongest energy.
– Tantric. This type of massage is aimed at mentally connecting the Geisha with the client. This technique is considered the most mysterious therefore units own it. During a tantric erotic massage session there should be no strangers, sounds, smell and light. Geisha maximally concentrates on achieving the desired result.
– European. The most popular type of erotic massage of the 21st century. All sensory amplifiers are involved here: music, light, aromas. All this is needed to get a brighter result. This type of massage is popular because of the ability to experiment.
– Antistress. This type of erotic massage is a favorite among men who do business, work in offices and who have a dominant analytical mind. The type of erotic massage anti-stress is aimed at relaxing muscle blockages that block the intake of a sufficient amount of oxygen in the brain, which in turn leads to poor memory and distraction. During an erotic session, anti-stress Geisha maximizes his attention on your relaxation.
– Lingam technique. Another Thai technique, but more outspoken. The lingam technique carries a wind of mystery and a ray of happiness. Having tried this technique once, a man will never be able to remain indifferent. His technique is aimed at the liberation of all sexual energy. The ability of a Geisha with his hands to bring a man to the highest point of bliss. will change his view of pleasure once and for all. The erotic look of Lingam massage is aimed at the aesthetic look of the Geisha, her well-groomed body, and underwear with breathing fabrics.
– Volcano. The brightest sensual erotic massage. It is dominated by leather, latex, lash and YOU, and maybe Geisha wants to tame you. The scenario of erotic massage is chosen only by YOU.
– The lotus. Mmm, you didn’t even know about that. This is the most modern type of erotic massage about which naturally no one knows. Except us – Salon of Erotic massage Ecstasy. This is a type of massage that every man and woman will remember. Its essence is in the most striking relaxation that you have never experienced. For erotic massage of a lotus any improvised means are used, such as whips, ropes, ice, wax. All that you wish and how you wish. The essence of this massage is to fully accept any of your fantasies.
The ability to deliver true pleasure is not subject to many, but it is our girls who are professionals. We can talk about this for a long time from a medical point of view, but why, because for us your spiritual and physical satisfaction of the highest point is a priority. We have been working for many years, our Geisha thoroughly know absolutely every technique, which is the key to a successful massage. Why are other salons not competitors for us? Because they do not have such high-quality and huge experience working with various types of massage. With a classic massage it is impossible to achieve the result when you seem to be reborn with a mass of energy that you can direct anywhere. And this is very important for the success of a man and the realization of him as a person. If you want to not only enjoy the massage, but also achieve success in your career, development of your self, then we are waiting for you. Our salon is visited only by successful, self-sufficient and hot men.
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