Body massage

эротический боди массажBody massage is mastery in its highest manifestation: experience the features of a classic body massage in our salon.

Erotic massage has been benefiting people for centuries. It is able to raise vitality – you will not find a better remedy that gives vivacity and well-being to such an extent as body massage.

Body massage not only enhances health: it is both a pleasant medicine and a good way to prevent the treatment of many diseases. Massage normalizes the activity of the nervous system, and during post-traumatic recovery, it is simply irreplaceable.

How do erotic body massage

Erotic massage Kiev with body elements involves a full body massage. The masseuse uses the most sensitive massage techniques: vibration, rubbing, stroking, kneading. With this kind of massage, it is possible to relax tense muscles well (this is especially important after intensive training), and improve blood circulation, and relieve fatigue, and even increase immunity.

What is a body massage for men

Who said that a man who has conquered the world of business does not need an erotic body massage? Yes, his mind is a cybernetic machine, the unity of sober calculation and logic. How else can one break out to the heights? But the body remains a body, waiting for affection and pleasure, praying for bliss and burning under the shell of steel. And when the time comes for a short break, the mystery of the body massage opens before him. The meeting is over, agreements are signed, and the tender is won. That’s all for today. The subordinates, like a buzzing hive of businesslike bees, scattered to their homes, shops, fitness clubs and entertainment venues. Have dinner at a restaurant? Or home? Or all the same – a body massage salon? .. Calls and dinner fade into the background. On the first, there are dreams of heavenly enjoyment with charming masseuses in the cinnamon body massage parlor. Massage is just what a tired body needs right now. A leisurely melody in the romantic style, a luxurious atmosphere of bliss and comfort, drunk with the aromas of head-spinning spices, charming masseuses who create magic … After all, body massage is something …

Erotic massage with body elements

Paradise. Yes, to call this place otherwise will not work. Perhaps, they do not surround anywhere with great attention and care. And how finely selected a bouquet of aromas. What is ambergris, musk and sandalwood? Oh, and some notes of rose and jasmine. Did you know that oils are used in the Cinnamon massage parlor – the so-called aphrodisiacs, whose name comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Containing pheromones in their composition, such drugs are able to eliminate the distortion of the hormonal and psychological background, normalize blood circulation, optimize the secretory functions of the glands and level stagnant processes. Mixtures of oils have a more pronounced effect than a single aphrodisiac. As a rule, for the erotic massage procedure, a mixture of ylang-ylang, geranium, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, neroli and bergamot oils is used. Rubbed into a body heated with light massage passes, a mixture of essential oils creates an atmosphere of luxury and intimacy, refreshes, increases potency and libido, produces a stimulating effect and arouses passion. Here, as if plunging into the sweet ocean of excitement, which is growing every minute. The prelude to body massage is no less delightful than the procedure itself. Relaxing, quiet, smoothly flowing music is an invariable component of the intimate massage procedure. As a background, the sounds of whispering waves, the twittering of forest birds or the noise of spring rain can be reproduced. The effect of the audio reproduction is supported by visual sensations – the muffled light and the game of partial shade created by burning aroma candles. боди массаж для парыThe most important component of the feeling of true bliss of a man during a body massage is the unity of the external attractiveness and high professionalism of the masseuse. The harmony of beauty and knowledge works wonders – in the process of stroking, directed vibrations and touching areas close to intimate, the functionality of erogenous zones is activated, blood circulation is accelerated (especially in the pelvic area) and sensuality is aggravated. Such stimulation reaches the peak of effectiveness during the contact of the naked bodies of the client and the masseuse. The combination of audio, visual and tactile effects used in the massage process can cause a strong orgasm, and in some cases their series.

What is the difference between body massage and erotic

“Our body speaks to us all the time. If only we could find the time to listen to him … ”Louise Hay The roots of the massage, called“ body ”, go back into the depths not of centuries, but of millennia. Based on a number of discoveries by historians and archaeologists studying ancient Eastern cultures, one can state the following: body massage has been known to mankind for at least 5000 years. It is natural that massage techniques, the edges of which have been polished for such a long time, have reached true perfection. The session itself, in which a charming masseuse demonstrates an amazing knowledge of the functioning of almost every cell, is more correctly called not the procedure, but the art of emancipation of the body. There is no body organ that cannot be influenced by body massage. Depending on the methods and techniques used, various results can also be achieved, for example, a long and intensive erotic body massage session can lead to weight loss, a short massage session tones up your muscles and body. Considering that our skin is the largest nerve ending in our body, exposure to it with the help of body massage can have a soothing and exciting effect on us. It also favorably affects the glands and epithelium, removes toxins, opens pores, and utilizes the internal resources of the body. эротический массаж в салонеErotic body massage taken from here is also often recommended in the form of prophylaxis for people leading a sedentary lifestyle or people engaged in mental work, since its effect significantly increases both general physical and mental tone. For athletes, body massage can replace a warm-up or training itself – it all depends on the intensity of the massage and the goal that you are pursuing. Also, in recent days, in view of the transience of life in large cities and long sitting behind the wheel and in offices, this type of body massage as “Anti-cellulite massage” has become popular with our women, because it not only fights against orange skin but also tightens and tones up the skin.

Techniques of erotic body massage

Now there are many techniques for performing and varieties of massage itself and various massage parlors, medical institutions and resorts in which massage services are provided. There are also a lot of people who are ready to pay big money for this. But do not forget that in the hands of a professional massage can perform not only a relaxing effect but also quite pursue certain medical goals. And in the hands of an amateur, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Remember that before visiting a massage parlor, it is worth consulting with your doctor. As you probably know, there are many types of erotic body massage. And each specific type is intended for certain parts of the body, each aimed at a specific goal. Each massage also gives different results. But in general, no matter what kind of body massage, all of them are united by one goal – treatment or prevention of the musculoskeletal system. With the help of body massage, dermis and various types of injuries and diseases are treated here. For the treatment of back diseases, orthopedic massages are the most effective. What is the general benefit of body massage? First of all, with the help of body massage the skin is cleaned of dead skin particles. In addition, after the massage, the body begins to breathe, the blood circulation of the skin improves, and the contaminated pores open. With the help of this massage, the skin becomes clean and gets rid of acne and ulcers. It is also worth noting that massage has a positive effect on muscles and tendons. It is necessary to undergo massage procedures as often as possible, because a one-time procedure will bring little use. Already in the 2nd – 3rd procedure, the muscles will be saturated with oxygen, and due to this they will become more elastic. Especially useful massage is for people who often experience stress on the body, for example, athletes or people who perform heavy physical exertion. With the help of massage, lactic acid is completely eliminated from the body, muscles and joints return to tone. And when all the muscles and joints are in good shape, then you will forget what pain is in the knees, back, elbows, lower back. Also, massage can treat headaches. Quite often, migraines are caused by muscle strain or due to any overload. So, massage of the neck and areas of the head improves blood circulation in the brain, thereby relieving the person of headaches. Thus, you do not need medications! The immune system also experiences a positive effect of massage. It improves nerve patency; damaged nerves help to spend less time recovering. Also, who still does not know, any type of body massage has a positive effect on the heart.

Body massage + Striptease

Striptease is a kind of erotic dance. It is he who starts the show program, which then slowly turns into an enthusiastic action – an erotic body massage. A man (as well as a woman) is attracted by the sight of skillful undressing: when a dancer does it gracefully, elegantly, harmoniously “dissolves” in enchanting, exciting music. However, it is unlikely that someone will disagree that it is much more pleasant to actively participate in the action and literally feel this amazing dance yourself. стриптиз шоуDance is just the beginning of a strip massage. Then he unobtrusively goes into such a desirable erotic massage: this program will be enjoyed, without exaggeration, by every guest of the erotic salon.