Thai massage

With their skillful hands and beautiful body, our lovely craftswomen will give you extraordinary pleasure. Thai massage is like a fascinating prelude to sexual mystery – slow, bewitching and languishing. You can only imagine a seductive sorceress who caresses your body, slowly rubbing essential oil over it – this is enough to awaken the power of your imagination. Oil pleasantly warms your skin, its aroma excites your imagination. Our Salon carefully selects the items accompanying the massage, paying attention to every detail.

The charming seductress uses all her skill and ability to give you the highest pleasure. Thai erotic massage Kiev is a true sexual game, bewitching, alluring, encouraging to fantasize and make discoveries. Gentle caresses and the immediate physical proximity of the girl are intoxicating, allowing you to achieve complete relaxation.

And Thai massage is only gaining strength. Our sorceress caresses your body with her breasts, sharpening the sensitivity to the limit and raising the level of your arousal to another level. Light touches of her hair will give a lot of new sensations, they are like touching the wings of a butterfly fluttering above you.

During the massage, a professional lady will be able to pay attention to every cell of your body. Not a centimeter of your priceless body will be left without proper attention. Her skillful hands will masterfully massage her back, stomach, buttocks, and the amazing tenderness of touching the pads of her fingers will remind you of the lightness of the finest silk.

This delicious and languishing sexual game will end with a massage of the area of ​​the most piquant area. This moment, which was so elegantly drawn out, has now come. This is the stage for which, in fact, everything was started – all this enchanting erotic game with your body. Here comes the time of true bliss and relaxation.

Now you have the opportunity of a wide selection – after all, there are many places that offer such services. However, the true pleasure that you will never be able to forget will be given to you by our salon of erotic massage. Only with us charming girls will help you experience true relaxation and feel the wave of new life-giving energy. Special Thai massage techniques will allow you to release the streams of your vital energy and help you feel completely updated. You will certainly have a desire to experience all this again – in order to reveal your currently unknown huge potential.

Thai erotic massage

Emancipation of the body and clarity of thought, delightful arousal and no less delightful relaxation, improving the functions of the hematopoietic, cardiac and nervous systems, enhancing potency and libido – it is impossible to list all the advantages of Thai erotic massage. But we still try.

Did you know that Thai erotic massage Kiev at one time received the status of imperial pleasure. By the power of sensations and the benefits to the body, this statement is relevant today.

The classical technique underlying the erotic Thai massage is relatively young – it’s only some 2.5 millennia old. Today it is not possible to name the creator of the theory of this unique action. However, it is known for certain that this clever husband specialized in religion, for he took the theory of Harmony of two entities as the basis of his creation – Yang and Yin. The unity of opposites, the concept of energy lines forming the “upper” skin and penetrating the body, and the inextricable connection between the masseuse and her “patient” became those “whales” on which the art of Thai erotic massage is still based and Kiev is no exception.

Taiwan through centuries

Thai erotic massage aims to achieve absolute relaxation of the human body. Harmony of beauty and eroticism, excitement and relaxation, fantasies and reality – it is not easy to break out of such a tempting captivity.

In the Ecstasy salon, the surroundings of the action are unchanged. Amazing atmosphere, heady aroma of sprayed incense, flickering scented candles and magical music – all this is aimed at the client and created for the client. The atmosphere of harmony, delight and pleasure is to a large extent created by the masseuses themselves, whose charming nudity is hidden only by the weightless details of translucent clothes.

The most beautiful temptress begins to slowly massage her toes and hands, gradually moving to the feet and palms.

Do you know that … according to the ancient Eastern theory, human feet are precisely the “pillar of health” – not a single organ contains such a number of nerve endings.

By increasing the amplitude and speed of movement, the sorceress simultaneously gets rid of the clothes hiding her delightful body. Having equipped herself and the client with erotic oils that help to increase the brightness of emotions and reach a peak of excitement, the girl proceeds to massaging, stroking and vibrations in the area of ​​erogenous zones and adjacent areas. Gradually involving all the intimate areas, the sorceress brings the client into a state of absolute euphoria, which is preceded by a powerful and unusually vivid orgasm.

Of course, erotic massage is a magical art. After all, it is not for nothing that an aphorism is widespread, claiming that after the first visit I want to conquer the mountain peaks, and after the second visit – to take a masseuse as a wife. Do not believe? Then you just need to experience the amazing action of uniting the bodies glowing with the heat of passion, having personally visited the Ecstasy massage parlor!