Lingam massage

Massage process

  • Relaxing music. Allows you to plunge into the atmosphere and tune.
  • Shared shower. Cleans from negative energy and will be a step towards unforgettable pleasure.
  • Classical massage using aromatic oil. It acts as a preliminary relaxation and aromatherapy.
  • Erotic penis massage. It will bring in a state of upcoming energy flow.
  • Climax (lingam massage). Will give an unforgettable feeling of unity with every part of the body and indescribable pleasure.

What is lingam massage?

Lingam massage is a relaxing Thai massage that reveals a man’s sexuality, strength and power in a new way. It is a sacred practice based on ancient Indian teaching. It is aimed at knowing the attraction of the male and female principles, opening the way to the knowledge of God. This massage has a therapeutic effect.

“Lingam” is characterized by pervasive consciousness. According to tantric practices, male energy is compared with a lingam. He shows his power with a pillar of light penetrating into a woman. Thus, the couple becomes one. A woman goes towards her intuition and completely surrenders to the light.

When conducting lingam massage, the lady’s task is to gently deeply touch the most intimate parts of the man’s body (penis, penis head, anus, scrotum). Surrendering to the end and worshiping, the woman reveals the raging hot energy.

Benefits of Lingam Massage

  • The state of maximum relaxation. Thanks to Thai massage, a man receives waves of energy penetrating through the whole body. After this practice, over time, you can learn to sensitively feel the body and enjoy not only the lingam, but the whole nature. The whole body will become orgasmic.
  • Removal of muscle cramps. The master touches, saturates the lingas with energy, gently awakening the perineum and massaging the testicles. As a result, excessive voltage is removed.
  • Cleansing from negative emotions. Complete relaxation will teach you to relieve stress and get rid of unpleasant experiences.
  • Disease Prevention Massage prevents the appearance of prostatitis, improves mood and vitality.
  • Teaches you to bring more pleasure. Allows you to receive and give more pleasure during intercourse.