Prostate massage

Only a healthy man always succeeds in everything and can call himself truly happy and full-fledged. That is why our salon pays special attention to men’s health.

Sexual dysfunction in men can have a number of reasons: it is caused by a variety of aspects – hereditary, psychological, post-traumatic, biological. Erotic massage is also used for various diseases of the male genital area (these are catarrhal forms of prostatitis and atony of the prostate, spermatorrhea, chronic urethritis, cuperitis, vesiculitis, traumatic inflammation of the testicle and its appendages. For direct effect on the internal male genital organs, their massage is used directly through the rectum (the so-called rectal effect) .In order to avoid ambiguous situations, the first time a person meets a client, the massage therapist first of all explains to him all the features widely regarded as one of procedure, as should make sure that everything is properly understood. Only then it proceeds to the examination and, in fact, massage.

It is also widely used for the prevention of many diseases, including prostatitis, wellness (otherwise – urological) massage. It uses the classic basics of general massage using strong rubbing and deep kneading techniques.

In the supine position, the so-called segmental erotic massage Kiev is performed. First, the back is massaged, then the pelvic region (stroking, kneading, rubbing) and the sacrum (manipulations are performed from the outer edge of the sacrum to the inner scallop). Next, massage along the outer edge of the sacrum, from below, in the direction of the lumbar triangle, while flexing the muscles of the buttocks.

The procedure concludes with a kind of shaking of the pelvis and back. Massage of tissues in the lower abdomen and pubic symphysis also eliminates pain in the bladder.

In the treatment of prostatitis with disorders of sexual function, a massage of the surface of the buttocks and abdomen, sacro-pelvic and iliac-tibial areas is necessary. All the techniques used for this stimulate blood circulation in the venous system, while favorably influencing neuropsychic disorders.

In order to have a positive effect on the central nervous system, also, in addition, long transverse movements are made in the forehead. The procedure ends with a repetition of long movements under the lower edges of the ribs to the xiphoid process with both hands at the same time, and then from this line over the crest of the pelvis to the pubic joint. Such procedures are recommended every other day, the course of treatment is from 12 to 15 procedures.

To this day, one of the most effective methods of treating prostatitis problems remains transrectal massage of the prostate gland. As a rule, it is recommended to carry out it at least once a week. Exposure to the prostate gland has beneficial effects and activates the seminal vesicles, bladder and testicles.

The desired course is from 12 to 15 massages. The total duration of the course is 3 to 4 weeks.

With inflammation of the cooper glands, such a massage is performed in such a way as to simultaneously affect the perineum and the anterior wall of the rectum.

It is important to remember about contraindications. Among them – cystitis, proctitis, acute inflammation of the prostate gland and other additional sex glands, acute urinary retention, paraprostatic thrombophlebitis.

With the help of finger massage of the testicle and its appendage with prostatitis, pain and swelling are reduced, the tone of blood vessels, spermatic cord increases, lymphatic drainage improves with stagnation. Starting with stroking and light grinding, which are performed from the upper pole of the testicle to the external inguinal ring), after 2 or 3 procedures, they begin to massage the diseased testicle and appendage. Massaging the appendage, apply light rubbing and stroking with pressure in the direction from the head to the tail of the appendage. Complete this procedure with a massage of the spermatic cord (it lasts 1-2 minutes).